Sunday, June 28, 2009

Toys Open Day + Super Festival in Hong Kong (Event)

Event : Toys Open Day Vol. 4 + Super Festival in Hong Kong
Venue : HK International Trade & Exhibition Centre, Rotunda 3, 6/F
Date : 08/08/2009 till 09/08/2009

Official website fot HITEC :

Special guest:
Hitomi Kurihara, she has appeared in various dramas, most notably tokusatsu dramas. Her most prominent role has been as Smart Lady in Kamen Rider 555. She also sang her character's song on the Kamen Rider 555 soundtrack entitled "My Name is Smart Lady."

Pictures and info taken from artstorm.

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Secret Guests:
Mark Ryan / Actor
as Bumblebee & Jetfire
- The Transformers
Andy Secombe / Actor
as Watto
- Star Wars Ep1&2
Caroline Bliss
as Miss Money penny
- 007 Living daylights