Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hot Toys Future Releases

From eddie blog:
For those who cannot read Japanese, here’s what the page says:

Left-side: Movie Masterpiece. Starting soon.
Right-side: Blade trilogy, X-Men trilogy, Spider-Man trilogy, & more…

Yes, Movie Masterpiece. Not the comic versions. This means, for those who have longed for a good ‘movie Spidey’ 1/6th figure, you’re about to get one. And it’s the trilogy they’re doing which means you’ll not only get Spidey, but probably also the Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Venom, and Sandman to say the least!

This also probably means you’ll be able to get every X-Men character from the movies to date since HT is also doing the trilogy series for X-Men.

Then characters from the Blade trilogy!

Oh man, bankruptcy will surely be on the rise this year…

From me:
I guess I gonna go vegan for the rest of this year. Why? Coz I can only afford to eat grass if I want to buy all these Hot Toys future releases.

Pictures and info taken from eddiewong blog.

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